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Duyball: an inclusive sport

From the Russian Federation, Nikolay Adaschik shares with us (Tiro en Braille) a very interesting and innovative project, of a non-traditional sport named "Duyball". Duyball is considered an inclusive sport (it can be played by all people, including people with disabilities). As the videos witness, it also allows it to be played in an all-gendered format. It is suitable to be played in one-on-one competitions, as well as in a team competition (in a sort of a track relay). As the multiple displayed videos show, it can be played in any geographical space without the need to build expensive and specialized venues. Duyball requires/promotes lung strength from participants. This implies a departure from traditional modern sport in which external (visible) characters, such as muscles are the basis of sport. In the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the need/opportunity to exercise and strengthen our lungs and our respiratory system has become crucial. Duyball can be played face-to-face, but also as an esport (5G online level). Tiro en Braille expresses its gratitude to Nikolay Adaschik for sharing this project, which has a beyond sport explicit goal, i.e., to combat smoking.

Some PDFs about Duyball:

Download PDF • 865KB

Download PDF • 1.10MB

Sobre el proyecto iDuy_Spanish
Download PDF • 806KB

Presidente de la AIF
Download PDF • 83KB

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